21 March 2006


15 March 2006

Hexagonews further developments

Hexagonews further developments Hello dear visitors, Hexagonews is not even 1 month old, but it achieved its goals to inform foreign people about what mass media forget to tell you about the situation in France, and to reach its number of visitors expectations. This is only the beginning, and Hexagonews is developing it self. For now, Hexagonews is merging with French top “resistant” web site: France-Echos, http://www.france-echos.com . Hexagonews is in a transition time. I am busy with the development of its new structure, and I may not be able to deliver some fresh news, for now. But Hexagonews will be back and bigger. All your recommendations and feedback are welcome: what you like, what you dislike, what you expect. Email them to webmaster-en@france-echos.com . Greetings, SUXXES.

13 March 2006

The struggle of Messaoud Bouras rewarded by a high-circulation newspaper… at last!

After Nord-Éclair, France-Echos and Caroline Fourest, the weekly newspaper Marianne reveals one of the biggest scandals of modern France: in Roubaix and in the French département of Nord [near the Belgian Border], environmentalist and socialist elected representatives subsidized conferences and radio programmes for Islamists such as Hassan Iquioussen and Tariq Ramadan. The Marianne delivery of March 11, 2006 contains a four-page article on that affair, exposed by Messaoud Bouras for years but strangely overshadowed by the media. You heard it right: today, in France, French elected representatives have, in their pitiful run for votes, made subsidies available for declared enemies of the French Republic through associations, radio stations or “school support” groups. The beneficiaries of those generous gifts are people as despicable as Hassan Iquioussen, the anti-Jew preacher from UIOF [Union des organisations islamiques de France - Union of Muslim Associations in France], Tariq Ramadan, the takia-expert who wants to impose Sharia to French Muslims, the notorious “Indigènes de la République” association [“Natives of the Republic”, “Natives” meaning here former colonized people, i.e. mainly of African or Arab descent] and their call for racist Jihad against people of French descent, or “school support” groups that form real Koranic Madrassas. That article has to be read! We are glad to see Messaoud Bouras' long-lasting struggle rewarded. Although we don’t share some opinions of Marianne, we must recognize its courage to fight against some strongholds of conformism, such as the MRAP* or those environmentalist or socialist elected representatives from the département of Nord. Fear changes side! *MRAP = Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples [Movement against racism and for friendship between people], a left-wing, pro-Muslim organization financed by French taxpayer's money. Noteworthy is the fact that it changed its name from Mouvement contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme et pour la paix [Movement against racism and antisemitism and for peace]. The fight against anti-Semitism was strangely dropped out... By Bardaf.

Action against the great mosque of Colle Val d'Elsa, ITALY

A message from Chico Ray (www.coranix.com) "Action against the great mosque of Colle Val d'Elsa, ITALY. A referendum is organized in Colle Val D'Elsa against the project of a Pharaonic mosque. There should not be any mosque in our garden but there should not be either in the garden of the neighbor. Let us support the population of this city in its fight against Islam." ---> Continue reading !!! <--- Chico Ray Greetings, SUXXES.

The Koran : it have to be read in Arabic

Muslims are right when they always say that the Koran have to be read in Arabic. If not, you get 'lost in translations'. The American hostage Tom Fox was found dead in Iraq the 11 march 2006. According to CNN, he was “tortured” and killed with “a bullet in the head”. If you look for the word 'torture' in the Koran, you won’t fine anything. But we know that the Koran incite to torture and that this word is redundant. But if you look for the word 'torture' in the Koran in Arabic, you find it immediately: “9:14 - Qatiluhum ***Yu`adhdhibhumu*** Allahu Bi'aydikum Wa Yukhzihim Wa Yansurkum `Alayhim Wa Yashfi Sudura Qawmin Mu'uminina” (sourat 9, chapter 14). Translations in French or English are completely distorted! Here are the key words to understand this very important sentence, that can be heard in many videos of hostages’ executions. This is the sentence that most inspire terrorists. - Qatiluhum : Fight to kill. Arabic has many words meaning war or fight, but this one is the harder. It means fight to kill or to exterminate.
- Yu`adhdhibhumu Allahu : Allah is going to torture them. But here is where usual translations are completely distorted!
The translation of this sentences means : “Fight them (meaning massacre them), Allah is torturing them through your hands and will cover them with ignominy". However, this are the translations that are usually found in the market. French translation. “14. Combattez-les. Dieu, par vos mains, les châtiera, les couvrira d'ignominie, vous donnera la victoire sur eux et guérira les poitrines d'un peuple croyant.” Which is “Fight them. God, through your hands, will ‘chatier’ (very severe and cruel punishment) them, cover them with ignominy, will give you victory on them, and will heal the breasts of a believing people” in English. Notice the absence of the notion of "massacre" and "torture". The order of words has also changed. In Arabic, the words “torture” immediately follows the word “massacre”. Here, the translator have placed it further in the sentenced, and have softened it. English translation. “14 - Fight against them so that Allâh will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people” (At-Tawbah 9:14). This is even softer than the French version. Here they only mention a “punishment” (instead of ‘chatier’ which is a very severe and cruel punishment). So here, we have something like when you were punished at school because you did not do your homework…
The Koran has definetely to be read in Arabic... Greetings, SUXXES.

Death of a French soldier in Afghanistan

An officer of the marine of the TREPEL commando died in a combat operation the 4 mars 2006. He leaves a widow and 2 orphans. There were no press release in the media. Loic LEPAGE came from a family with a strong military tradition, was a valuable soldier, and especially, he was a nice guy. Please have a thought for him and his family. Thank you in their name. Rest in peace Loic LEPAGE. SUXXES.

Racist hate against "infidels" on Radio-Orient

Radio-Orient is broadcasting the hate of infidels (Christians, Jews and all the non-Muslims). Indeed, each Friday, Radio-Orient transmits prayings from the Mecca by the terrorist radio “Vois de l’appel a l’Islam” (“izaat nidaa' al islam min macca”) in which predicators are asking to Allah to make Islam and Muslims victorious, and to lower (“zoull”) infidels. Have you ever heard on Radio Vatican a demand to Jesus to lower the terrorists of Al Qaida or the throat-cutters crying Allah Akbar? This Islamic Mecca Radio spreads the hate that Muslims feels against their "infidels" fellow-citizens. Greetings, SUXXES.

Your next holidays? Go to Saudi Arabia.

Here is the country of which Sultan Ben SHIRAK praise the liberalization. -Arabia do not deliver visas for tourism, and is very restrictive concerning visas for private visits (in which case you need a Saudi “godfather”). -The country is forbidden to Jewish, and to people with no confession. -Holders of a passport having a visa for Israel are not allowed to enter the country. -The cities of Mecca and Medina are forbidden to non-Muslims: prison or death penalty. -The “offenses of manners” (adultery, out of marriage relations, homosexuality…) are very severely punished (possible death penalty). -Women must imperatively be accompanied by their husband or a male relative. If it is not the case, her “goodfather” must pick her at the airport. There are also strong restrictions on the fact that a woman and a man, not relatives, travel in the same vahicle. Customs regulations : are forbidden! -Alcohol and derivatives (some medicine, cosmetics…). -Religious items from an other religion than Islam. -Pork and derivatives (meat, pork skins, medecin…). -Books or prints with a “subversive” or an “immoral” characteristics (according to authorities) or that are contradicting the Koran. All Books, magazines and pictures are controlled. -Statues (this art is forbidden). -Bullets, war material. -Chance games. -Many medicines. -Drugs: absolute prohibition, punished by death penalty (users are beheaded in public). -Products from Israel (boycott). -Videotapes, DVDs … are systematically kept for censorship. Jean SOBIESKI, Translation by SUXXES. PS: On the picture, President Jacques CHIRAC is prostituting himself with Saudis expecting to sell armament, and to get better oil prices. Greetings, SUXXES.

10 March 2006

Katri LINNA : a new Swedish challenger for the European super dhimmi award

Stockholm, SWEDEN, EU Turbans, kippas and Islamic veils allowed in the Police of Sweden! Small –vestimentary- revolution for the Swedish Police: officers will now be allowed to use turbans, kippas and Islamic veils during their service. The purpose of this is to attract more “religious minorities” (Sikhs, Jews, Muslims) in a Police reproached not to be diverse enough. According to the Katri LINNA, the government’s mediator against discrimination: “Not to allow the use of turbans or Islamic veils to the Police would prevent large groups from entering the Police. An officer wearing a religious hut would also exercise an important symbolical function.” However, the Police will not provide this distinctive religious signs to the interested civil servants. The National Police Council announced that they will have to find those signs by themselves, ones that have “a compatible shape and color” with the uniform. Greetings, SUXXES.

Denfend the Free World - Relay legal actions against the Koran

Germany has started legal actions against the Koran. Every country of the Free World, in the name of Freedom and Democracy, should start legal actions against the Koran. Every country of the European Union should start legal actions against the Koran at a national level, but also at a European level. Let’s defend Freedom! Greetings, SUXXES.

09 March 2006

Germany: the Koran reported to the Police !!!

The Quran reported to the Police By Kent Olsen, correspondent to Jyllands-Posten A broad alliance of grass-roots movements have gone to the prosecutors of several states to hinder the dissemination of the Quran. According to the indictment, the Quran is not just a religious and historic book, but also a political book, which is incompatible with the constiution. Berlin At the prosecutor’s office at Gorch-Forck-Wall 15 in Hamburg, an unusual letter was received Monday morning, containing an indictment filed this weekend. The indictment targeted the Quran, charging that the holy book of the Moslems, according to the accuser, is incompatible with the German constitution. “Support Denmark!” The accuser is “Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen (BVB)”, which concerns itself with, in its own words, “defending basic rights and freedoms” against Islam. The extensive international furore, allegedly caused by the Muhammed cartoons, has made clear the relevancy of the alliance. Its homepage is decorated with a Danish flag with the words “Support Denmark! Defend the Free World.” superimposed on it. The indictment has been filed in several states, including Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bayern and probably more. In several talkshows on German TV, conservative politicians have pointed out that the Quran is incompatible with the German constitution. The Turkish-born writer Serap Cileli said on January 29 this year that “the Quran must be considered a historic document. It is not compatible with our constitution and Human Rights.” Now the alliance wants the matter tried at the courts. Potent Political Book The author of the indictment in Hamburg, Jutta Starke, says that the Quran was reported to the police two or three years ago, but that the report was dismissed on the grounds that it was a book of only historical interest. “The evenths of the last months have made clear that the Quran isn’t just a historical book, but very much a potent political book, a thing which we document extensively in the indictment,” Jutta Starke says. She says it is a task of sisyphean dimensions to inform the media, politicians and churches of the true intentions of Islam in the enlightened world of the West. “We are grateful to Jyllands-Posten that discussions about Islam have now become possible,” says Jutta Starke. “You suffer for all of Europe and that’s why we find it indecent that Europe hasn’t loudly, in unison, taken a stand for Freedom of Speech against the laws of the Quran.” The indictment consists of five pieces of paper and a number of appendices. The indictment says that it is not against Islam’s spiritual message, but against the judicial and political message. The decisive count of the indictment “is in the Quran’s status vis a vis the Federal Republic of Germany’s constitution”. In the appendices to the indictment, 200 points have been listed “where the Quran is against and claims itself above the constitution.” The Quran has an Answer to Everything It is pointed out that the Quran to Moslems is the end all, be all in matters of faith, in matters of society and state and in the discourse with people of different views. The Quran says that it is the words of Allah. According to the views of several, including leading, Moslems in Germany, it is literally and absolutely true at all time and in all places, the indictment says. The newly elected German-born chairman of the Moslem Central Council of German, Ayyub Axel Köhler, is quoted in the indictment: “A constitution after the principle of the division of powers into the legislative, the executive and the judicial powers, is nowhere to be found in the Islamic theory of the State. From an Islamic viewpoint, this is obvious, since the laws - the laws of God - in the form of sharia, are already made and thus no legislative power is needed, in that sense of the word. Only Allah is the legislative power.” Muslim Chancellor A prominent Moslem, Ibrahim El-Zayat, is quoted as saying that he thinks it is possible that “the Federal Chancellor in 2020 is a Moslem, born and raised in Germany, that the Federal Supreme Court has a Moslem judge, and that a Moslem representative will be on the Federal Radio/TV Council to secure the Moslem citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights.” “This land is our land and it is our duty to make positive changes. With the help of Allah, we will make it a paradise on Earth, by making available the Islamic ummah (ED: Islamic community) and all of mankind. Allah doesn’t change the situation of a people till the people have changed the situtation,” El-Zayad is quoted as saying. Violence against the Infidels The indictment is against the 200 verses of 114 suras (ED:chapters) of the Quran that are not compatible with the constitution, including demagoguery, incitement to murder, murder and mutilation, war, acceptance of thievery against infidels, meaning all non-Moslems. Verses are also pointed out where the equal rights of men and women are not upheld and where people of different faiths are oppressed. Example: “The unbelievers among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians): They are the vilest of all creatures.” (Sura 98:6) According to the indictment that paragraph violates Article 4 of the Constitution and Paragraph 166 of the Penal Code.

Unwanted Veterans and Patriots

Patriots wanting to honour our French Veterans of Algeria are summoned to appear before the court for … apology of war crimes !
On march 13th at 2 o’clock p.m. Annie ROBERT, Jean-Pierre PAPADACCI and Jean-François COLLIN, from ADIMAD, are summoned to appear before the criminal court of Aix en Provence (40 boulevard Carnot). For « Apology of war crimes » ! Why? Because ADIMAD has erected a tomb for the living French veterans of Algeria in Marignane narrow Marseille. The summoning of appearance is demanding a lot of money and the tomb’s destruction. Come as many as you can, in quiet and with dignity, to support our friends victims of the hate of FLN terrorists’ friends. ADIMAD. --- Come over there a lot. Government are laughing at us. IT 'S ENOUGH, THEY ARE OURS, WE CAN’T ABANDON THEM AS FRANCE ABANDONED US. THE TOMB MUST NOT BE DESTROYED. IT MUST BECOME THE SYMBOL OF OUR FIGHT FOR TRUTH, FOR OUR DEAD, OUR ELDER AND OUR CHILDREN. HERNANDEZ. Translations made by Lotus.

Women’s day - CHIRAC: go on girls!

Sultan Ben Shirak sends a strong message of emancipation to the girls of Muslim suburbs.

For the International Women's Day, Ben Shirak sent a strong message of emancipation to the young girls living in the Muslim suburbs of France, and who “are not guilty of wanting to live their lives normally”. According to President CHIRAC: “No tradition, no habit, no believe goes beyond the laws ‘de la République’”. On the picture: Laurence PARISOT (head of the French employers' federation) disguised for the Ryad Mardi Gras … Greetings, SUXXES.

07 March 2006

Once upon a time ... History

... explained to the children at the end of the 70s. At this time, explanations were really more honest that nowadays' relativisation and multiculturalization. This is what we could ear in an episode of the cartoon serie “Il etait une fois … l’Homme” (“Once uppon a time … Man or Mankind” - translation doubt) that used to be broadcasted 5 minutes before the news (at a time when Canal+ did not exist) : “Let’s rather turn ourselves toward east, from where comes a conquering force that nobody had forecasted: Islam.” “Charles MARTEL -the Hammer- has just saved Europe from Islam!” Now such matter are judged as "Islamophobic", and the comment would say: “Because of racists prejudices of Charles MARTEL –the Hammer-, FRANCE will have to wait many centuries before having the chance to benefit from the great cultural enrichment and civilizational progress that Islam brings to societies that understand the treasures of love, peace and tolerance contained in the holy Koran ; this sacred book that has not changed for 1400 years and holds the holy speech of Allah transmitted to Muhammad, the greatest man having lived on this earth, and the last of God’s prophets.” But enough of this propaganda 'de merde' (sh*ty propaganda) ! To watch the video (in French): http://voxgalliae.blogspot.com/2006/02/pays-en-pril-recherche-nouveau.html Greetings, SUXXES.

Islam in France : Did you know ... ?

Did you know that young Muslim girls demand to be exempted from Sports and Biology classes, without being penalized at the exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur) Did you know that Muslim women require and get special schedules that are exclusively reserved for her in public swimming pools? (Source: Revue Politique) Did you know that Muslim female students require and get to be escorted by their husband and to be judged by a woman to their exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur) Did you know that a Muslim association (‘Unir’ at the Paris XIII university) question the right for “western culture” professor to judge the work of a Muslim student? (Source: l’Express) Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the suppression of the Christmas celebration in schools? Did you know that Muslims, abusing of the laic public schools, demand and obtain the removal of Christmas trees? (Source: Le Parisien) Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the prohibition of pork and of non hallal (preparation of food according to Islamic law) meat in the French schools where they are in majority? Did you know that in the government administration, Muslims demand additional days off for their Islamic celebrations? Did you know that Muslims demand praying rooms in our schools, high schools and universities? Did you know that Muslims demand arranged schedules for their 5 daily prayers to schools, high schools, universities and companies? Did you know that Muslims demand a revision of our history books to integrate the history of their country and religion? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur) Did you know that in order not to “irritate” Muslims, all references to Charles Martel, Jeanne D’Arc and many mores… will be removed from our scholar books? Did you know that Muslims females require their Islamic veils to work in public jobs (government administration, hospitals, schools…)?
Did you know that Muslim female students in medicine require to work only with female patients? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro) Did you know that doctors were violently beaten because they had healed women without the assent of their Muslim husbands? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro) Did you know that many French high schools with a North African majority have “Death to the Jews”, “Death to the Christians” and “Support Ben Laden” inscriptions on their walls? Did you know that most of far left and Muslim associations claiming themselves as “anti racists” (www.oumma.com) militate for the disappearing if Israel and of the Jews? Did you know that during the manifestation against the war in Iraq, some Muslim “pacifists” and “anti racists” were exhibiting portraits of Ben Laden or Saddam Hussein? (Source: Les 4 Vérités) Did you know that a savage named Djamel who burnd a young girl alive, Sohane, was acclaimed in his Val de Marne ‘cité’ (Muslim suburbs) when he came to the fact reconstitution? (Source: France 3) Did you know that the young blacks and Muslims who burned a white supermarket vigil alive (in 2002 at Nantes) feels no remorse and are proud of themselves? (Source: the lawyer) Did you know that a “book of good behavior” ‘The licit and illicit in Islam’, sold in France for more than 10 years, explains how a good Muslim have to beat his wife: “with hands”, “with neither a whip nor a piece of wood”, “and avoiding her face”? (Source: l’Express) Did you know that in Belgium, Islamic militias patrol in the streets to “control the bad and racists white cops” and to apply their own rules? (Source: Libération) Did you know that new laws will force the Police, the Army, and general public jobs to hire with priority people coming from immigration, and that 35 companies (France TV, Peugeot, Casino) have signed a foreign preference contract for staff recruitment? (Source: Government) Did you know that in high school, Muslims students put on their coat before going to the blackboard “in order not to cause any covetousness”, that in schools Muslim fathers refuse to leave their daughters in a class with a male teachers, and that a school had to organize a SAS without windows to recognize the mothers, veiled from their foot to their head, before returning them their Children? (Source: Le Monde) Did you know that in schools some students instituted the separate usage of 2 taps in the toilettes, one reserved for the “Muslims”, the other to the “French”, or that a local responsible of the Muslim cult demanded separate cloakrooms because “a circumcised can not undress next to an impur”? (Source: Le Monde) Did you know that to the question “in case of a conflict would you defend the nation?”, of 10 people coming from immigration 7 answered no, 2 were laughing, and just 1 is willing to fight for France? (Source: Le Point) Greetings, SUXXES.

90% of crimes by 10% of the population

9 of 10 gang leaders have foreign origins! According to a study made by the Renseignements Généraux (dated from 6 January 2005 and recently made public), most of gang leaders are coming from immigration, and are in between 19 and 25 years old. The study was made in 24 ‘quartiers sensibles’ (‘sensitive neighborhoods’ = no right zones). Of 436 identified “leaders”, 87% are “French” (they have a French citizenship), 67% have North African origins (Arabs), and 17% have African origins (Blacks). 9% of them have no foreign origins. The “anti racist” organization MRAP stated that “…this information leads to racial readings of the social violence by classifying it by origins. Those statistics are feeding confusion and amalgamate in between delinquency and immigration. The MRAP reminds that the collection of information about racial origins is illegal. The MRAP will take legal action…” Yes MRAP, I have been correctly brainwashed ; sorry, I have correctly learned my lesson! : immigration is good, we are not being invaded. Greetings, SUXXES.

06 March 2006

French Democracy

The CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel – Superior Council of Audiovisual), authority which regulates the audiovisual sector of France, has just made public the on air time granted to the Front National -the popular and social, national right party, that represents millions of voters- by TV channels in 2005.
On the channels TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+ and M6 the Front National had had respectively 16 minutes, 23 minutes and 26 seconds, 5 minutes and 41 seconds, 5 minutes and 21 seconds, 2 minutes and 26 seconds of on-air time. Which is 2.43%, 0.84%, 1.03%, 1.44%, 1.60% of the total on air time granted to the other political parties by TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+ and M6.
No comments. Source: FN Quotidien, Translation made by SUXXES. I guess in France, “some are less equals than others”…
Greetings, SUXXES.

03 March 2006

Guy LEFEVRE: another victim of anti French persecutions

In January 2005, Guy LEFEVRE, an honorably known man living in Margny Lès Compiègne in the Picardie region of FRANCE, post an announce to the ANPE (a governmental organization supposed to give jobs to unemployed people, and unemployed people to the companies that require employees) to find an employee for his pork-butchery. Around January 15th, Monsieur LEFEVRE finds by himself a young girl to work, ready to begin January 18th at 9h30.
January 18th at 7h30, a young person of African origin, who is also a Muslim and who refuse to handle pork meat, shows itself to the pork-butchery seeking a job. Guy LEFEVRE informs him that the job was taken. In the morning of the same day, an agent of the ANPE gives a phone call to the wife of the porkbutcher to ask for explanations. He affirms this is a discrimination at recruitment, and threaten him of legal action.
The young man takes legal action (curiously in May, 5 months later). SOS Racisme (supposed to be an “anti-racist organization”) backs him. The lawsuit happened in December 6th, just after the urban Intifada of November.
Because of political correctness, Guy LEFEVRE is caricatured as the xenophobic Franco-French prototype he never was. The judgment is given January 17th, and Guy LEFEVRE is heavily condemned: he has to pay €4,000 of damages for the "young person", €500 of fines, €1 for SOS Racisme and 2 months of prison with deferment!
Guy LEFEVRE has become the symbol of the typical persecutions against honest French in their own country. Here is an association of support to Guy LEFEVRE: http://justicepourguylefevre.hautetfort.com/ Greetings, SUXXES.

Forbidden to publish lists of newborns!

France's censorship as reached a new level...

Now, lists of newborns are forbidden to publish!

According to a newspaper from the Rhône-Alpes region:

"Following the #99-24 deliberation of the Commission Nationale d'Informatique et de Liberté (CNIL - National Commission of Computer-science and Freedom), which was recently confirmed by the Ministère de l'Intérieur (Interior Ministry), the list of newborns can not be published in newspapers anymore."

How can it be that the lists of births are under the CNIL authority? Only the names and last names of newborns are given...

...But this is precisely the problem: there are only Aishas, Muhammads, and Amadoos on that list!

So, we shall not know the proportion of Muslims and Africans among the newborns in France? Don't worry, I can give it to you, I have antennas in all the maternities of the Rhône-Alpes region. In the present day, 65% of births in France are from Muslims and Africans, mainly from polygamous families and from mutilated women. We shall not evaluate how much time we have before being definitely subjected to sharia (Islamic law)? Or before our own French and Caucasian ethnos disappear from France? Come on! We will not wait for the Muslims and Africans babies to be old enough to apply the extermination of "the little whities" and of all the non-Muslims - the Jihad (Islamic holy war). A task that was begun by your predecessors Monsieur le Ministre de l'Interieur, and widely developed by your care and by your institutionalization of Islam as the official religion in a country considered being laic. You have therefore no right to finance and to institute no Council of any Cult at all!

You will be jugged by your works Monsieur le Ministre de l'Intérieur, and this is a result of your mandate. Monsieur CHEVENEMENT was brave enough to follow his own ideas, and quit when he was asked to do what he did not agree to do. The babies are not voters yet, but we are, and we will not vote for you Monsieur SARKOZY, we will not vote for you because we are neither masochists nor suicidal!

For all your works, for having such a weakness and such an allegiance to the invaders, the only title you deserve is Minister of the Muslim Cult.

Greetings, SUXXES.

Great gathering of European charity

23 February 2006 – Paris, FRANCE
Great gathering of European solidarity. The organizers of this event, started by the association Solidarité des Français (SDF), went trough a real marathon …

22 February 12h30 Odile BONNIVARD, accompanied by the responsible of the security of SDF, comes out of the Préfecture de Police of Paris. She has the authorization, the signature and everything that is required. Every single detail of the event were set with authorities: after 2 weeks of work, it is a great relief for the organizers … 18h00 Amazement : Odile learns by phone that the Préfet finally decided to forbid the gathering! 23 February 6h30 When Odile is going out of her home, 2 Policemen approach her: “It is for tonight’s event, it is forbidden, sign here.” 8h00 Question: what should we do? Answer: We keep on going! 8h30 Brainstorming: the complete organization have to be rethink. 3 sympathizers lawyers are working on the legal aspect. We decide to do a mega-soup. If it is forbidden, lets just do it great! We can not count on the Police for the security aspect: they will be against us. The prohibition has been announced in the press this morning. This is a problem for us, because the info starts to reach our sympathizers and the homeless; they may think it’s over. 12h00 The area is covered by more than 200 SDF stickers. 14h00 A truly clandestine organization is set up: -Requisition of car that was not recognized by the Police. -Requisition of a cell phone that was unknown by the Renseignements Généraux -Global change of the initial Plan. 17h00 The initial place of the event is completely squared by the Police: no one can pass! Streets are blocked, cars and peoples are controlled. There are more or less 400 policemen! 17h30 The car containing all the equipment and the soup arrives. The equipment is discreetly unpacked and distributed. 18h00 Activists and voluntaries of SDF are joined by the one from Solidarité Alsacienne, Renaissance Sociale and Soulidariéta on the second place of meeting. More than 40 comrades are now waiting the event to begin. 19h30 Beginning if the action. Informers have accomplished their mission: 300 people more or less are facing the prohibition and are coming at Place Maubert, the new meeting point. Surprised by the change of the gathering point, the number of demonstrators, their speed of regrouping, but also by the presence of Bruno GOLLNISCH, a European deputy, the Police have no other choice that let us serve the soup. The bowls are circulating, sausages, ham, wine, everything is shared. Many homeless joined us. There is a feeling of a giant popular soup… Odile, on the roof of a car, speaker at her hand, starts a muscled speech, denouncing the prohibition of the Préfet MUTZ: “You know, the one that prefers a homeless dying of cold than a homeless fed with pork soup” … hootings … “I am telling you, he has not finish with us, we are not in a land of Islam yet”. “Look in the streets, there is never an Asian homeless! Why? Because their community spirit is strong and efficient, and because they help each other. Well, us, we help ours before others. If the politicians are persecuting us, it is because they have fears. They fear this spirit of mutual help in our community that we are re-developing. We want to remain ourselves: no way of letting us dissolve in a formless and homogeneous mass! This is what is disturbing them, they have the destruction madness of our identity, but we will not let it happen” …

Everybody applause, yell of support, the mobilization is enormous, flags are floating … The slogan is launched: First, second, third generation! We are all pork eaters!!! Chantal SPIELER, from Solidarité Alsacienne, joins Odile on the roof of the car. Her speech is as strong: “At Strasbourg, each week the Police forbid the pork soup. And each week the soup is distributed. We will not give up”.

Georges HUPIN, from Renaissance Sociale goes on. He says that in Belgium Police is not as hostile: “they are protecting us, it is not like here. In Belgium, the Police is on our side. Each week soups make happy dozens of homeless. And we will go on because it is the response to a real need of European mutual help”.

Dominique LESCURE, from Nice, also explains this will of helping ours before others. Hilde De LOBE, deputy of Vlaams Belang, speaks to assure us that in Anvers, the pork soup is also distributed every Sunday. Because Sunday, the official associations did not think that homeless would also eat, and they close!

Finally Bruno GOLLNISCH speaks to denounce the attack to freedom that this persecution against the popular pork soups are. “I support this popular actions, which are not from my own initiative, especially because they are looking to prohibit them. We want to remove to angry people the freedom of eating pork” … May Mister GOLLNISCH be truly thanked, he has proved he was a true freedom protector, a man of the ground, and especially that our fight was legitimate.

The Policemen in civilian surrounding us are now discreet. They are forced to wait the end. How would they disperse such a united and willing crowd? There are no 20 people around a pot anymore, there are hundreds of people at Place Maubert. 20h30 We go to the restaurant! We had a reservation for 50, and 120 people wish to have dinner together. Dinner happens in a “from home” ambient, with classic pagan French songs. In may 20th, we decide to gather together for a big Gallic party around grilled pork. And this time we will be prepared for more people!

Conversation goes on, the responsible of all the pork soup have so many things to say, so many common projects to do. But tonight, beyond the pot, a great step was made to defend our identity. Beyond this successful party, we are pleased to see the unity realized around the pork. We proved that we are capable of working together, and to unite.

Thank you everybody, see you next Thursday for a pork soup! Odile BONNIVARD http://www.association-sdf.com/ Translation made by SUXXES.

02 March 2006

Muslim aggression in the Islamist stronghold of Strasbourg

26 February 2006 - Schiltigheim, Alsace, FRANCE A welfare officer was the victim of a Muslim aggression in the city of Schiltigheim, in the Alsace region. Anne BARTH was working in her office in a medico-surgical and obstetrical center in Schiltigheim, in the suburbs of Strabourg. At approximately 8h30, two men entered in her office. They spoke to the victim to ask her which was her identity; once confirmed, they knock her out and they stroke her head against her desk. With a marker, they wrote "Muhammad" on her belly and "Dirty Jewish" on a wall. There were also many other anti non-Muslim writings on the walls. The attackers explained their religious motivations to the victim, they told her: "do not touch our women anymore". They were probably speaking about the practice of abortion; and as Islam rules it, they do not appreciate that male obstetricians examine "their" women, and "their" girls. They are in between 30 and 50 years old and of North-African type. They claimed their act in the name of Allah, and reproached to the West the recent Danish cartoons representing Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Schiltigheim is a strongly Islamized suburb of Strasbourg, where prevails the converted to Islam Thomas MILCENT, who is a long date friend of Afghans terrorists of Al Qaïda. It is from here that Thomas MILCENT, nicknamed Doctor ABDALLAH, is coordinating his operation aiming to force the use of the Islamic veil to teens and pre-teens. He learned Jihad (Islamic holy war) during his stays in Afghanistan with Gulbadin HEKMATYAR, nicknamed "the butcher of Kabul", and his soldiers. They vitriolized women refusing the Sharia (Islamic law). Gulbadin HEKMATYAR is responsible of many massacres among the population, and he has been the personal friend of Thomas MILCENT for more than 20 years. HEKMATYAR and his troops joined Osama BEN LADEN in Al Qaïda.
Of course no main stream media mencioned the story... Greetings, SUXXES.

A Gendarme victim of an anti white racist murder

February 12th 2006 – the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin (Guadeloupe), FRANCE The French Gendarme Raphaël CLIN was the victim of an anti white racist murder. He is leaving his wife Stéphanie, and his 4 years old daughter Ines. (Gendarmes are a force of public security, but they are not civilians, they have a military status).
Curiously mass media and “anti” racist organizations have forgotten him. If it was the opposite: a black or a Muslim killed by a white, mass media would have spoken about the "worst racist crime" for weeks; Sultan Ben Shirak, sorry President CHIRAC would have visited the family of the victim, and would have made several public declarations and speeches to accuse the horrible and colonialist French, guilty of the greatest intolerance and racism, "anti" racist organizations would have begun many legal actions … … But this is just white, right? And moreover a cop, who cares?
I care! And I have two testimonies ... Here is the testimony of his wife. "Raphaël CLIN was intentionally hit by a vehicle. During his agony, there were more than 40 people around him yelling: “die dirty white!” His partner asked for help, but nobody moved, they even blocked the rescuers! When I arrived at the hospital, it was full of people, there were mostly friends and relatives of the driver. They were insulting the Gendarmes. When we were told that my husband died, they all celebrated and shouted victory of having killed a Gendarme, and moreover a white one. He was the most wonderful and caring husband, and the greatest dad in the world. I am not saying this because he is dead, I told him every day: YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON. IT IS IN SUCH PAIN THAT MY HUSBAND IS GONE – BRAVO RACISM ! ” Here is the testimony of one of his colleague. “He was intentionally hit by a Yamaha 1000 motorcycle at an estimated speed of 150-160km/h. A colleague arrived to back him, and while he was dying, some people were singing the song “I shout the sheriff”; but replacing sheriff by Gendarme. I announced the accident to his wife. We went to the hospital, where Raphaël was living his last minutes. A group of excited and threatening people was at the hospital, glorifying themselves of having killed a white Gendarme. One of them even threatened Stéphanie. Others were saying to our children that whites had nothing to do here, and that we had to go home. It almost finished very badly ... we had to remain so calm in such a difficult experience.”
Rest in peace Raphaël CLIN. SUXXES.