07 March 2006

90% of crimes by 10% of the population

9 of 10 gang leaders have foreign origins! According to a study made by the Renseignements Généraux (dated from 6 January 2005 and recently made public), most of gang leaders are coming from immigration, and are in between 19 and 25 years old. The study was made in 24 ‘quartiers sensibles’ (‘sensitive neighborhoods’ = no right zones). Of 436 identified “leaders”, 87% are “French” (they have a French citizenship), 67% have North African origins (Arabs), and 17% have African origins (Blacks). 9% of them have no foreign origins. The “anti racist” organization MRAP stated that “…this information leads to racial readings of the social violence by classifying it by origins. Those statistics are feeding confusion and amalgamate in between delinquency and immigration. The MRAP reminds that the collection of information about racial origins is illegal. The MRAP will take legal action…” Yes MRAP, I have been correctly brainwashed ; sorry, I have correctly learned my lesson! : immigration is good, we are not being invaded. Greetings, SUXXES.


Blogger adela doberman said...

This MRAP cancer seems to be the equivalent of the ACLU here in the US...a communist organization,anti christian,anti heterosexuality ,anti military,anti national flag,anti punishment for criminals,etc...in other words,a very dangerous organization that paralyzes the ability of a country to defend itself.
If the french people will not find a way to get rid of this MRAP,they will never be able to fight for the survival of France.
Find lawyers that are willing to donate their time and energy to yhour cause,take this organization to court,find out who is financing them,how and why,cut down their ability to spread their propaganda and to collect money,expose them in local newspapers,bring them to court,file law suits against them,harras them just as they harras the french nation,use their own strategies against them...take them down.
Only after getting rid of organizations such as MRAP,will the french people be able to start the fight for its national survival.
In the meantime,don`t forget:french people,you have the full support of the american people(regardless of the lies you read in your newspapers and you hear on your local tv station),you can and you have to get rid of your liberal corrupt politician,vote them out of offices and bring in new ones,who are willing to fight for the survival of beautiful France.
Use your power,french nation,you are still a majority in your country,but not for too long...there is not much time left.

3/07/2006 09:13:00 PM  
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That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »

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