13 March 2006

Your next holidays? Go to Saudi Arabia.

Here is the country of which Sultan Ben SHIRAK praise the liberalization. -Arabia do not deliver visas for tourism, and is very restrictive concerning visas for private visits (in which case you need a Saudi “godfather”). -The country is forbidden to Jewish, and to people with no confession. -Holders of a passport having a visa for Israel are not allowed to enter the country. -The cities of Mecca and Medina are forbidden to non-Muslims: prison or death penalty. -The “offenses of manners” (adultery, out of marriage relations, homosexuality…) are very severely punished (possible death penalty). -Women must imperatively be accompanied by their husband or a male relative. If it is not the case, her “goodfather” must pick her at the airport. There are also strong restrictions on the fact that a woman and a man, not relatives, travel in the same vahicle. Customs regulations : are forbidden! -Alcohol and derivatives (some medicine, cosmetics…). -Religious items from an other religion than Islam. -Pork and derivatives (meat, pork skins, medecin…). -Books or prints with a “subversive” or an “immoral” characteristics (according to authorities) or that are contradicting the Koran. All Books, magazines and pictures are controlled. -Statues (this art is forbidden). -Bullets, war material. -Chance games. -Many medicines. -Drugs: absolute prohibition, punished by death penalty (users are beheaded in public). -Products from Israel (boycott). -Videotapes, DVDs … are systematically kept for censorship. Jean SOBIESKI, Translation by SUXXES. PS: On the picture, President Jacques CHIRAC is prostituting himself with Saudis expecting to sell armament, and to get better oil prices. Greetings, SUXXES.